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Hey all

I'm new here.
My names Amanda. I go by Manda or Mandy.

My birthday's November 1st. It damn sucks.
I'm taller than all of my friends and younger. More mature, younger.
GAH! It sucks.
I'm obsessed with England, Being a Scorpio and Sharing a Birthday with Hello Kitty and it being on A holiday.

Kudos to whoever gusses the holiday first.

Peace ya'll.

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Stupid ass gym teacher

So, it seems that the world will never let me forget that I'm an "age-al outcast".

Today, in gym, Ms. Miles (our whorish teacher) asked me for my age and birth date. I tell her what it is--November 1992--and she says,
"Twelve, thirteen."

I'm like..."Uh...what? I'm thirteen now."

So she says, "Yeah, but when we took this test, you were twelve."

Which is crappy, because none of my other classmates were twelve when we took the test (the mile run). The only people i know with birthdays anywhere CLOSE to mine can't sympathize, because they actually look older than what they are. I had an old lady ask me if i was eleven, once. In a department store. THIS F*CKIN' YEAR.

-is pissed-
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hey kids!

i turned 21 a full 6 months after my last older friend. SUCKS. i had to watch them all go out and bar crawl and wait for my b-day to roll around. (september 13th, 1984 for anyone who asks...)

the even suckier part of my 21st? i had tonsilitis and could barely breathe, let alone swallow. instead of getting hammered, i lay on my mom's couch and cried all night. suck.

here's hoping for 22! :D

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Late birthday.....

Definately yes!

Was born in the 12th and last month December late 80s 1988

Anybody have a birthday in late '88? Just curious, hehe.


Anybody share my birthday? 16th December
Promiscous Girl

Getting over it...

Yeah, i'm learning to live with my birthday. My friend told me quite bluntly, but truthfully, "OMG, get over it! you're not the only one!" she meant the only one in our grade/class (even though she was WRONG, cause I AM). i have finally faced the SBT fact that i was born when i was born. and now, i spose i can live with it, due to more, less blunt insight from a user named
nandayconure, i believe. i am coping, and i am proud.

sure, the green eyed monster still comes around, but i'm sure i'll find some way to live w/ that too. of course, a stainless steel bat couldn't hurt w/ that particular process...:)
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Nov 27 1992

Hi folks

Well, i am 12 going on 13 in november. It sucks to have a late b day i am going into eighth grade but everybody thinks i am immature and shouldnt be t here cause i skepped kindergarden(like xmixed_upx)

But unlike her i do some what appericate my b day. It means im diff then everybody. Im me and they are already 13 its liek a little group. So what if im an outcast. I think ill live. Yeah well anyways, the year i turn twelve i got this awsome flip phone, and it prove you can get cool presents even with a late b day.

Ms. Mia Wallace v.2

Hey everyone!

I'm one of the kids that are older then most the people in my grade level. I'm going to be a junior, and I'll be 17 before most of my friends. My Birthday's Nov. 8th, making me a scorpio.... but no no no, I have my sun, moon, pluto, and mars in scorpio. This groups awesome, so happy to have found it. LATE BIRTHDAYS UNITE!! lol
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Promiscous Girl

Um, hey all!!

I was looking around, and i found this great-looking community. i joined because those things were true (on the info page). i AM sick of turning an age about half a year later than my friends. and, i skipped a grade, and peeps are always like, "OMG! Look at the girl who skipped a grade!" The teachers at my school know me before i even get to their grades. I JUST SKIPPED KINDERGARTEN, FOR PETE'S damn SAKE. And, two of my BFFS are having their 13th bdays this...hol' on...this WED. i believe. on July 27th--i am SOOOOO jealous.
But, anyway, my bday is on November 23rd. NEone share it w/ me? every seven years my bday is on thanksgiving, too. i guess that's kind of okay...
so, later.
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Hi!My name is Elisa and my birthday is October 7th.
My moms is November 25th and my Pops is September 13th while my bffs is on November 5th.I think this is a great group and ya'll seem like a real cool bunch so I am glad to be here.Peace!